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Orthopedic Care in Las Vegas, NV

Treatment Options

Orthopedic care and surgery, including conservative care and other treatment options. Ascar Egtedar, MD uses the latest techniques in the treatment of fractures and joint issues. He treats all upper extremity problems like the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers, and nerve injuries due to trauma or deformities caused by arthritis; he also treats knee, ankle and foot injuries or disorders.

In addition, he treats acute injuries to tendons, muscles and arteries.

Diagram outlining our orthopedic care in Las Vegas, NV His practice treats chronic and work related injuries as well as sports injuries.

Dr. Egtedar performs the newest, least invasive Carpal Tunnel Surgery with no arthroscope. This procedure takes just eight minutes, leaving minimal scarring and allows you to use your hand shortly afterward. This procedure is proven very successful...

If your child ages 4-18 requires treatment of any condition or injury to the upper extremities including the hand, elbow and shoulder, Ascar Egtedar, MD would be happy to see them.

Call the office of Ascar Egtedar, MD today to see the doctor. Same day appointments are often available. Or you can email with any questions or appointment requests and one of the friendly staff members will contact you.

Ascar Egtedar, MD in Las Vegas, NV is an orthopedic doctor and surgeon serving the greater Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas.Ascar Egtedar, MD

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